So yeah, I brought a drawing tablet and I'm still struggling with it.. What do you think? I'm still working on her! :3



Bought a drawing tablet!

2015-02-17 03:14:01 by MrMasakiHat

I did something I always wanted for a long time now, yesterday I bought a drawing tablet! YAY!



New Stuff! (Update)

2014-03-18 15:00:39 by MrMasakiHat

Hey there! I haven't made a post for a while and I just wanna update you guys that I will come with more stuff like Manga, Cartoons and more. I will also be trying to upload drawing I do in GIMP, But that's if I can get the program work on my computer, cause my computer sucks.. ( That's actually the explantion why I upload stuff I draw on paper) But that's the future's problem right now! See u later! ~ Masaki

My First Time on Newgrounds!

2013-12-30 12:06:42 by MrMasakiHat

Hi there! I'm Masaki. This is my first time on Newgrounds, I think it's an awesome site! I've uploaded some drawings by me and I hope I can upload more in the future. You can visit me on Twitter or DeviantART, also my blog!

 Have a nice day!  /Sincerely Masaki.